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Promocall is a nearshore Contact Center Located in the heart of Tijuana for over a decade that operates and provides American businesses with models that offer productive solutions where higher work performances are needed. We work hard to implement your business vision, principles, and guidelines while expanding your virtual office using our nearshore operations for your business success.

Our expertise and infrastructure are built to support nearshore with cost-effective solutions that provide better results while optimizing resources. Our models seek to optimize customer service management by building strong positive client relationships and taking care of their needs. Our goal is to take care of your business by implementing strategies that will reduce your costs while increasing productivity.

Our team of highly trained-efficient leaders is ready to assist you in implementing nearshore operations that will enhance your business performance and success. Our bilingual agents are there to represent your business vision and to deliver Customer Support to both English and Spanish speaking clients.

Promocall Nearshore Call Center is specialized in customer service, telemarketing, scheduling, lead generation, inbound and outbound sales, technical support, chat support, among other services. Our goal at Promocall is to represent your business and take care of customers’ needs while optimizing time, money and resources.

How we do it?

Nearshore BPO

We provide 24/7 customer support solutions by using models that expand globally, reduce complex operations and support evolution. Cost savings depend on location, same time-zone, and similarities in culture. We know these elements are a great starting point to ensure competitiveness and high-cost efficient models.


We believe that partnership is the key to building and operating any successful nearshore call center. We are always looking for ways to implement your business vision and translate that into higher sales. You lead the way and we implement the strategy.


As an incubator, we assist you with the building, operating and growing of your own Nearshore Call Center. We will custom built your center to your specifications always using leading experts in HR & Legal departments.

Create, execute, win. Let us help!

One language is not enough

We operate and service Nearshore call centers for clients around the world, primarily the USA. Our location has proven to be essential in the hiring of bilingual representatives to service our many clients.



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